Friday, January 17, 2014

Outfit Post: Preppy in Pastel

Hey! Here I am, with an outfit post. Hahaha! It's been so long since I've posted one, so yay!
Anyway, This was a dress up outfit because I was bored one afternoon since I don't have any classes. Most of my classmates went to Thailand for an educational trip for our Global Marketing class. I didn't come because my parents thinks it's too pricey and they think if I really want to travel internationally, we could just easily buy a budget airfare anytime. Heh.

Floral button down Hotkiss blouse
Hollowed Pastel Orange Romwe Jumper
Black pleated Shopaholic! Shorts
Black tasseled So! Fab loafers

Thought of the song Sweater Weather when I was doing this. The weather has been very gloomy lately and some took advantage to take out their jumpers and sweaters out of the closet. They are very pleased, so am I. Heehee. With this in mind, some of my fellow Filipinos are suffering from the weather. I sure hope it will get better soon.

I'm not good with words, really. So pardon me if I have less words whenever I do a blog post. Hahaha. What do you think of my background, huh? Change of scenery. Heehee. See, i blabber, a lot. But it usually doesn't make any sense. Oh, good heavens. I'll leave you with a photo of me that looks like a cover for a home magazine. LOL

Have a good weekend!
Lesly x

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rock 2014 with these trendy pieces from Aupie!

Hello lovelies! Another post comes your way with these awesome pieces from!

Aupie was established in the 2008's Christmas night. Just within half a year, Aupie has changed from a simple vintage specialty shop into a pint-sized platform of high-street fashion.

 2014 is right around the corner and 2014 trends are already seen on the runways of Paris and the streets of New York. I based the trends from Fawnia Soo Hoo's article for Glamour Fashion's website. You don't need to worry on spending your money over designer clothes just to follow these trends. We can easily follow them with the help of Aupie! I picked up some of my favorite pieces from their website and came up with these three trends. Links of the pieces are below the photo for your better viewing and details on their website.

Trend: Pastels & Sweaters
With sweater weather this season, a comfy sweater is a definite must. Try this funky bear patterned pastel sweater to amp up your outfit. Pair it with solid colored leggings/trousers, pencil skirt or even over a dress, and your sweater weather ootd is an instant hit ;)

Trend: Black and White
This trend will go on forever. It is elegant and chic. You can pair these blouses with anything, may it be a casual outfit, or a slightly formal one. The dress is also a fave of mine because it is not only figure-flattering, but it is slightly (just slightly) conservative.

Watercolored flowers jacket

Trend: Bomber Jackets
Bomber jackets are not seen as just sporty anymore! With the playful execution and incorporation of prints and textures, it is athletically chic and ultra versatile.

There you have it. Three trends that are weather friendly and wearable for next year. Don't ever forget that these trends doesn't define you and your style, it is you who defines it.

Thank you for making me a part of your year. I may not be one of the known bloggers out of hundreds, but I'm still thankful for those readers who come and visit my humble blog. I've received different blessings because of this blog, and that's more than enough for me.
Have a good time for the remaining days of 2013, make the most out of it!