Sunday, November 06, 2011

I got myself to do a DIY

I did a DIY of the cross thing that has been quite popular recently. Most of what I saw was the leopard cross like this:
Image from Google
but unfortunately, I don't have a leopard print fabric. boo. And so, I decided to use denim instead. I have all these denim scraps from cutting pants into shorts and so I finally utilized them into something! Brill, eh? Haha. Kidding. I grabbed a white sleeveless shirt from my father and then sew a denim cross on them, and it turned out pretty good despite my poor sewing skills :) This is how it turned out :) Please be darling, hype my look on lookbook, too! Thanks :))
You can see the imperfections in this picture. Booo.

Mirror photo of ze full outfit :)
I recently bought these black flats from the local mall. These shoes are my school shoes, and I find them super cute considering they're only 245.00 Php (that's around $6.00 or so)!

Poor photography. Meeeehhh~

Oh well, I'm looking forward to more posts! Weeee~

Your thrift shop darling.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Shoe lust.

I think I lust for shoes. From my previous post, almost all of them are shoes! Oww emm. Is it a crime to love shoes without owning that much?! Lol. Most of my shoes are gifted, or hand-me-down from my mother because fortunately, we have same shoe size! Halleloo for that! Anyways, here are some shoes that are lighting up my life, my dream life :/


Orange amuses me.


Makes your outfit extra girly! Love it!

I saw Miley Cyrus wearing this a year ago, I guess, and I fell in love with it!

Oh, well. Internet: where dreams have no end. Thanks right click+ save!
(Photos belong to their rightful owners. Thanks!)

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Christmas wishlist!

As it is Christmas season already, I have made a wish list of what I would love to receive this christmas, not being a brat! Heehee.
(Right click and save people! The images rightly belong to the owners! Thanks.)

Leopard print wedges

flag shorts

Galaxy dress

bandage skirt

Buckled dolce vita shoes

Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes

Sheer blouse

Brown satchel


Nude pumps

Steve Madden platforms

I know, it's a bit crazy. I don't want to receive everything at once! It;s just that, 2 or 3 of them will be cool. Heehee. I don't have the money to have these kinds of stuff, I know my place. but hey! Isn't this a wish list? Now, where's my Santa Claus?!

Love, Me.

First time blogger.

This would be my first attempt to be a fashion blogger. I'm not good at this, believe me, I've tried. Well, this post will now open my fashion blog. Welcome to myslef! And hi! Example look that I have, from my lookbook: