Thursday, December 29, 2011

Change is constant.

But, aside form change, God's love for us is constant as well <3

Why, hello there. I present to you some changes that I will try to make this coming 2012 in order to achieve personal growth. Oh, yes.

  1. I will try, and I will highlight the word try there, to save up money. It's just hard to always ask my mom for favors and things that I adore and so I should start saving money, I've done it before, and now, I will try to do it again.
  2. I will try to be a responsible blogger. I'm lazy at times. Psshh.
  3. I will improve my confidence! Saddle up self-esteem, I'm going to be one confident girl this year!
  4. Stick to who I am, no matter what.
Well, that was short. Other things, I'll have to improve on more. But yeah, Cheers to 2012!

Happy new year!

Moving back!

I'm moving back, here! Making my tumblr page as my fashion blog is quite hard. It can't be detected that easily. Wow for the word, detected. And so, I'm moving back! Hope for the best, expect the worst! Hi blogspot!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Too good to be true.

This is what I wore on the Meet the Bloggers event.

(Blazer-thrifted, Floral top-New Look, Bandage Skirt-mall, Satchel-thrifted, Thin bangles-aunt’s closet, watch-Swatch, Boho sandals-New look)
Please hype my look HERE! Thank you!

Meeting my fashion idols.

I was sooooooo excited for this day to come just cuz I'll get to see my faaaaavorite fash bloggers of the universe!!! Kryz Uy and Camille Co!!! <3 I think this was their last leg on the Meet the Bloggers event and I was very fortunate to have met the two of the most beautiful women, ever.
Ughhhh, Kryz's blurred. Mehh, but anywaysss!
Yes, even tho I'm ugly as faqqq, I don't care. They are so beautiful.. and they smell nice too. Added bonus ;) They were so nice and approachable!
Camille Co giving style tips to some readers.
 What I like about her is that, you just know that she knows what she is talking about. (made sense?) She talks with certainty, I loved that about her <3
My autographed papers from Camille & Kryz! They have nice handwriting!! I beg to be jealous D:
Obligatory solo shot with THE Mango IT girl, Camille Co :">
Obligatory solo shot with THE Kryz Uy :">

I feel so ugly beside them!!!!! They are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful! And I'll say that over and over and over again!
When they left, I was like a crazy, lunatic fangirl outside and I said, "Bye!! Merry Christmas!" I felt like a loser >.< But, hey!! That shows my confidence is improving! Ey? ey? ;)
It was a fun, fun day!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Heels for less!

Ow em. I have been wanting this pair of Black suede wedges from Asian Vogue that looks something like the Gianmarco Lorenzi shoes:
Photo from Google

Well, I asked my mom for a similar pair that I've been eyeing on for months at Abreeza. And YES! She finally said yessssss! I'm very happyyyyyy~~~

When worn.

It's brand name is Privileged. I don't know if its legit or what but, I bought it anyways for only 700 pesos! That's only like, 15 US dollars. So that is very, affordable. Their smallest size was 8. And my feet is like somewhere in between of 6 or 7. But when I use it with a cork, it magically fits. Duh, that's what corks are for. But yeah, a very happy human here! Merry Christmas! <3