Sunday, January 22, 2012


My lookbook account has been up for a mere three months already with my first ever look below,
I never, ever thought that I would have hypes like the others have. But when I got my first hype, a big smile on my face lightened me. I have never expected that someone or anyone would ever notice me. Ans so, I was inspired to do more looks despite my scarcity of resources to do an outfit post on. Three months later,

I already have, 66 fans, 32 looks, 1 heart, 1001 karma and 108 comments!!!
For me, this is a really huge achievement. I have never been appreciated like that before, coming especially from stylish strangers that I don't know personally! It boosts my self-esteem so much and I'm very eager to become worthy of all the karma/hypes that I have gained. Thank you so much to for making me feel appreciated! Good luck to me and I hope that this will continue still throughout the years! Cheers!

Love, Lesly ☺♥

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

THRILL FOR THRIFT: Abrupt thrifting edition

It was a Wednesday afternoon and our cheerdance practice just got cancelled. So what do we do then? We thrifted! Trishia, Arianne and myself went to Bangkerohan to sooth our itch for thrifting. And yes, it felt awesome!!! It's been so long since we thrifted so we were really, really excited to do so. I shall share to you everything that I've thrifted:
Woven basket bag!
This bag was originally 80 pesos but with the persuading skills of Trish, I got it for only 50! Oh yeah!

Knitted brown blouse with orange linings.

(Very) deep V-neck Gray sweater! *o*

Cotton-y Cashmere(?) Graphic blouse. I loved the print!

Metallic teal blouse. One of my faves!

Satin Floral top.
I was a bit hesitant on buying this because satin ends to be best for nightwear  but I bought it anyways. zzz

Grey Skulled Sweater dress.
This looks pretty expensive for me despite of it being thrifted for almost half a dollar!

Knitted rainbow sleeveless cropped top.
One of my faves as well! I don't know why I do, but  love it!
Al in all, I spent a mere 235 pesos! Converted to dollars that would be.. more or less 5 dollars! That's what I love about thrifting. For loads of clothes from thrift shops, the total would equivalent to one, just one article of clothing from the malls. Hoorah for thrifting!

Love, Lesly <3

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Bonding on a sunday

Our division's sportsfest was held today. I was supposed to be there as early as 7:00 am for the attendance but, that's just not gonna happen for me. meh. And so I arrived there before 11:00 am. Anyway, here's what I wore:
Fancy Crochet beanie, Cousin's skull graphic tee, Atmosphere boho skirt, New look boho sandals, Mustard sling bag

We were waiting for the supposed basketball game that my friends, Demi and Arianne, will participate on.. but it never happened. So we decided to eat lunch early instead. Mcdonald's was near the school so we just walked upto there.
My mcsavers meal after I murdered it with a sundae that I've been craving for for weeks!

Demi taking a big bite and Trishia eating with poise!

From L-R: Korinna, Camille and Arianne
We went back to school to wait again but we found out that it will not start yet because it was the lunch break for the game officials. Meh. So, we camwhored our way out of boredom.
With blogger and bestfriend, Trishia. Check out her blog!

Goofy Arianne going lesbo! Hahahahaha

Finally, it started. We cheered our lungs out to support our friends, Kyoko and Demi! But in the end, they lost :( But they were the best players out of the sophomores. Others were more of a decoration than a teammate. Zzzzz
KYOKO Martin! :))))

The effortless beauty that is Demi <3
After that, we rested for a while, and went to the mall. We were planning either to go and play bowling/billiards/go karaoke-ing! In the end, we didn't do any of those planned itinerary, instead, we went to a bookstore. And I bought a March 2011 issue of Harper's Bazaar with Kim Kardashian on the cover for only 83 pesos! Even though I was almost broke after, I was happy :)
Harper's Bazaar!!! Full of fashion inspiration! yes.
Then lastly, we went to Chicco de Cafe. I was extra broke after I ordered Cenibunns. I didn't even enjoyed it. Sheesh.
Me looking like shiz and Brixiaaa!

Goofy Arianne with sidekick Camille!

The cennibuns i did not finished. Bye 80 pesos! ;_;

Bye friends! Don't forget to hype my look!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Missing In Action.

Hello there! I've been MIA since it's been 2012 and it saddens me. I will be very, very busy this January because I have joined the Cheer team of our division in school and practices are EVERYDAY except Sunday. Practices usually starts at late afternoon and ends veryyyy late at night. Define mo nga ang stressed? Me already! Grabe. Balancing schoolwork, after school activities and practices is very difficult considering that time management is one of my weaknesses. Ugh. But I have started it already so, there's no turning back now. So yeah.

Anyhoo, there will be a Bloggers' Soiree event by SOUL Lifestyle this Saturday, January 7, 2012, and the event will be attended by known fashion bloggers from Davao including the ever beautiful, Ms. Cheyser Pedregosa. While they are there, styling, chatting and hanging out, I will be at school sweating my balls off because of our cheerdance practice!! Ugh.Sucks to be me right now, but, sheesh, acceptance.

It will be very hard for me to post new looks because I will be in my sweats forever and ever. Please bare with me. I miss posting some looks!!! Gaaahhh!! Anyway, before you swoon over my sadness, I will end my text post now. Bye! <3