Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2MK-A beach party!

Last March 19, our section went to Samal to have our bitch/beach party! Silly bitch party. Hahaha, anyways. The photos were just uploaded two days ago so I can just blog about it now. Anyway, let the photos roll!
Grumpy ol' me.
Me, Brixia and Rex doing the rock on sign!
Haha, silly Gene.
We waited for quite a long time for others to arrive. A bit tiring to wait, so we took pictures instead.

 Hello Sonrisa de V Palm Hill and Beach Resort! That's a very long name! I enjoyed the view, so nice and the white sand, love!

Between two of my classmates who loves to go to the gym! Hahahahaha results!
I was trying to take outfit shots when I was interrupted by these two studs. Hahahaha!

Few pictures with friends! Heehee :)

Enjoy your summer!
Lesly <3


I was curious on how my friend edited her photos. They seem to have a vintage-y and instagram-ish feel about them. She said it was just done on a website. A free and totally stress-free editing process brought to us by Pixlr-o-matic! I got so hooked up to it that I edited several of my photos there right away. heehee.

My favorite!

Hope you'll enjoy editing too using Pixlr-o-matic!
Lesly <3

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Drea's 18th

Yey for candle blowing!
Drea's birthday was originally on the 18th(next to mine's), but due to school related activities, she had to move the celebration on a latter date. So yesterday, March 24, was the alloted day of the celebration. It was held at Punta del Sol Beach Resort, a very far resort which we had a hard time travelling to. We only rode a Motorcycle that is good for only 3 persons + the driver. But given the instances that we are 4 girls all in all, one has to sacrifice to sit in front of the driver and unluckily, it was was me. Despite the cramps that I was getting, I still had fun.

We arrived two hours late considering we still bought her a cake. When we opened he box of the cake when we arrived, this stumbled upon us:
..a damaged cake. Despite the damaged exterior of the cake, it tasted so great according to them. I did not eat because I turned my sweet tooth off. Yes you can do that too. Anyway, I'm gonna flood you with lots of photos now, yes?

Had a little photo session with the ever beautiful birthday girl! I love you Drea, my sister!! <3

Because Drea's brother brought a DSLR, we could not just resist being camfreaks! We could not stop taking pictures!

Sorry for bombarding you with pictures. I just got so excited! Anyways, I hope you enjoy your summer vacays! Mind sharing your summer vacays? I'd love to hear from you! :)

Lesly <3

Sucker for Summer

Summer hat: SM Dept. Store
Heart sunnies
Stripes cropped top: New Look
Geometric printed dress: Atmosphere
Flipflops: Ipanema

Went to my bestfriend's debut celebration yesterday! So glad it was held on the beach! Me and my friends are suckers for beaches! Hence the title. I will be making a separate post about the celebration in a few. Meanwhile, please hype my look on lookbook! Thanks! :)

Lesly <3

Thursday, March 22, 2012


I'm dead serious now. Swear. Well.. at least try. My shape is very undesirable, I have a short torso and even shorter legs. I think I'm still 4'11'' or maybe I'm 5' already, I'm not sure. Ugh, insecurities. So, I just decided to post some thinspiration to inspire me to be healthy and lose all the flabs I got in my stomach. I have to be fit! This is just a short post, so. Bye!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New look!

I made a new header! I'm sticking out to my pastel palette, perfect for spring/summer yeah. I also edited my template just cause it's getting a bit crowded already on the side so I balanced it out! How do you find it? Is it more organized now? Tell me what you think!

Lesly <3

Hungry for Hunger Games!!

Excuse my horrible nails ._.
Just got my ticket for tomorrow's block screening for the Hunger Games! Everyone's buzzing about it and I think I got stinged by the buzz too! Super duper excited about this! Will definitely take pictures tomorrow night! Meanwhile, let me leave you with the bestest cover ever of Taylor Swift ft. Civil Wars' Safe and Sound! I think I'm in love with Diego, the guitarist! Anyway, I'll talk to you guys later, bye! :)

Lesly <3

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Loots for summer.

Bought these three things awhile ago at SM department store with my Mama.

Black Fringe necklace for 150 pesos.

Summer hat for 299.75 pesos.

Pink bandeau bikini top for 349.75 pesos.


These are the things we bought for today. I'm gonna use it all tomorrow for our section's beach party. Yeah! I don't really spend this much but because I think these are summer essentials, I bought them anyways since I had a little money left from yesterday's birthday treat. Belated again to me! :)

Lesly <3

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Photo Diary: Young, Wild and Free at 18.

Two awesome birthday cakes are awesome!

Mama and Papa with RJ and yours truly. The two superheroes of my life <3

Itsy bitsy surprise at WEB, where we play counterstrike! They even had the kuya there agreed upon playing a birthday song for me! Touching! :">

Ate at Penong's after playing. Not so much pictures 'coz we were so fungry!

Sang our hearts out at Mic1, our last stop.

I had so much fun with them, they're the best! Even the boyf who was the only thorn among the roses was cooperative. Good job, Ian! <3 Overall, I had a fun day. I had no time to take up outfit pictures anymore because I was enjoying every single moment with them. A big gratitude to my friends! They're truly friends for keeps! Happy 18th to me! <3

Lesly <3