Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Air Corps

My tummy looks.. ew.

Firmoo Tea Shades
Dad's Air Corps Tee
Thrifted pleather shorts with DIY studs by me
DIY thigh high tights

Hello guys! This is just a quick outfit post. Let me share to you the look that I have been envisioning for the longest time, the Lua P./Kendall C. inspired look. I adore their personal styles but honestly, I don't think I can pull off a look like this, not for me I guess. Hahaha. Oh! and thanks to Mr. Patrick of Firmoo Optical for sending these lovely tea shades that I've personally picked from their website. Check their website out!

And of course, please hype my look or be a "fan" too! Thank you! :)

Lesly <3

Monday, April 23, 2012

Francis Libiran for ANTM

After watching the video, my jaw literally dropped. Like, I died for 3 seconds, seriously. Exaggerating? I don't care! It's Francis Libiran! Good gracious Lord, I am completely lost for words. Anne Curtis, has got to be the best choice to carry his beautiful creations. Anne carried it with so much poise that I think no one can compete with her elegance, or  I think Georgina Wilson can but, she already had her exposure on ANTM, time for the others then. Anyway, I just love the silhouettes he created. It compliments the body of a woman. My most favorite would be the blue one just because it's so flowy and I can see the waves of the ocean on it (brainwashed by summer) and the line details.. super maj! But I actually adore every single dress that he made! I'm totally in love with them all! The photography of Mark Nicdao compliments the dresses as well! Super talented! Congratulations to you all! You sure made us Filipinos and Filipino fashion enthusiasts proud! Good job! :)

What do you guys think? Totez Amaze, right?

Lesly <3

Sunday, April 22, 2012

My brother

Meet my brother, Onnel.
We were bored one night and decided to have a mini photo shoot at home. I asked him to find his tux coat to make it look more shoot-worthy. To be honest, me and my brother doesn't get along that much. We have these differences that leads to verbal & a little physical fighting. But I am very proud of him. His faith in God is impeccable. He is a religious person and often shares his learnings to us, even though I ignore him at times. Hehe. But of course, I love him to bits! He is also a young professional. He works from 8:00am-5:00pm at a branch of government office and goes to school at night! So much for being a busy young man! But he has accomplished so much at his very young age. I'm one proud sister :)

And as you can see he's wearing the Firmoo optical round glasses that I got for free from firmoo.com! To get your free glasses, visit their website! I love it and so does my brother!

What do you think? He has potential right? hehe :) Ciao for now!
Lesly <3

Thursday, April 19, 2012

As lazy as me

Drums shirt: Dad's
Skirt: Thrifted
Neon elastic bands: Tomliz
Bag: Longchamp knock-off (sorry!)
Leopard flats

Y'all tired of my face now? Hahaha. Kidding.
Hello there friends! First outfit post of what I've been wearing to summer school. It's my first time to attend summer classes, so I have yet to adjust my sleeping habits. Zzzz. And yes, a shortage of clothes is occurring in my closet (if I have one!). But you totally get that, right? :D Anyways, I met awesome new friends that day, Cham Tanteras & Gab Cadena. They are actually a real-life couple and I am so jealous of them because they share the same interests and they get to do it together! Super sweet :) Thank you so much, Cham and Gab!

My outfit that day was as lazy as me. Dad's tshirt, overused skirt and my usual messy hair (which Gab coined as the flaming hair. Haha.) Anyways. Hope you like it and don't forget to hype my look!

Lesly <3

Monday, April 16, 2012

Giddy for parcels!

Hello there, lovely friends! Two days ago, an Air 21 parcel greeted me when I entered our house. I was excited because I never had received such things before. I knew that it was from Bea of  Her Daily Inspirations. I unexpectedly won her birthday giveaway last month! I was heaps excited! Just tonight, I received the LBC parcel and I couldn't wait to open it, and so I did! Here are the things I received from the first package from Leslie Carreon of Everyday I'm Haulin.

Feather earrings, Love gold ring and a bird necklace.

My faaaave! <3

And here are the lovely things inside the LBC package that Bea sent me:

Accessories from Anagon! <3
Another faaaave! <3

and additional gifts from Bea herself <3


Thank you so much Bea! I love 'em all to bits! <3

Don't you just love packages? It makes you feel like a kid on Christmas day! How did you guys feel when you had received your first ever parcel? :) Comment down below!

Lesly <3

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spread that denim love

Messy room is messy >.< Hi big burger!
Messy room + Grainy photos = Not so good!

Hey friends! I wore this outfit to the Davao Bloggers' Induction of Officers & Acquaintance Party event held last  April 9, 2012 at The Royale House Travel Inn & Suites here in Davao which I will be sharing to you as soon as there are already photos available for me to grab because I didn't take pictures, although I brought my camera. I was too shy to bring out my camera because it has like a "black hole" in the LCD screen. Embarrassing it may seem, but yes.. it's really embarrassing. Moving on, let me show you some details of my outfit:

DIYed my denim polo's collar with some studds from a bracelet!

Outfit details:
Denim Polo with DIY studs at the collar, Denim bag and denim belt, Loafers: Thrifted
Red shorts: Denim & Co.
Silver bib necklace & stacked rings: Tomliz

And please, don't forget to hype my look!

Lesly <3

Sunday, April 08, 2012


I finally have it! Thank God because the long wait is over! I finally have it. Yeah, so here it was before:

.. and here's what it is now:
*sparkles & crossfade*

Achieved, yes?
I was a bit worried that it would come across as me looking like a "badjao". Not that I have something against them, but I'm just saying and we're talking about the hair color! Anyway, enough of that. Hahahahaha. I'm actually planning to color it blue/green/purple! Still thinking twice! Hehe.

I'm planning on doing a tutorial for this soon because I want mine to be lighter still. Stay tuned :)

 Is it okay? Tell me what you think! I'd love to hear from you :)
Lesly <3

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Black Saturday finds!

After I thrifted I went to NCCC to continue my search for hair bleach, and this time, I was successful! Oh yeah. Get ready ombre, I'm gonna be rockin' you this summer! Besides the hair bleach, I bought some other things as well.

Hair bleach powder plus the solution thingy! Only 56 pesos for both!

Razor. To groom my bushman brows.

Grape violet dye! Excited.

Fashion 21 Liquid eyeliner.

Since I can't afford pricey make-up brushes, I opted for these. Only 85 pesos!

Bought a new case for the BB! Mint green!!! <3 great for summer!
So anyways, thaat's all I got for today. Roughly 400 pesos for everything! Once a budget shopper, always a budget shopper. Hahahahaha! Ok, I just made that up. Ignore me. Hahaha. Ok, Ciao! :)

Lesly <3

THRILL FOR THRIFT: 3 for 100 edition

Ok, I gotta stop this crazy titles that I have been making :D
Anyway, I went to Uyanguren today just because I felt so bored at home I went around to find stuff that I could buy and ended up thrifting, again.

Colorful sweater with pockets.

A basic denim-ish polo.

Knitted cardigan.

I think i'm impulsive buyer. I ended up not really liking them that much when I got home. Ugh. But that's fine. We can always have the time to learn to love 'em. Ugh. Emo.

How's your holy week guys? :)
Lesly <3

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Haul: Accessories shopping!


Before my nanny duties, I went to Uyanguren to hunt my ever desired wedges that I've been eyeing on since forever. Unfortunately, the stall wasn't there anymore. I was so sad :( Awesome wedges for 350 pesos is gone-zo :( To ease the pain(chos), I went to Tomliz to buy accessories! Happy kid went home happy!

Studded belt bracelet. Disappointed bc it doesn't fit so well in the buckle. Zzz Oh well, might as well use the studs for DIYs! Yessssssssss

Neon elastic bands for 10 pesos each! bc of the 50% off, I got it for half the price! YEAH

Metal ribbon necklace. Not a fan of necklaces though but this was cute.

Silver necklace for 100 pesos. No discount for this though. I was trying to find collar necklaces, but I could not find one so I bought this instead.

RINGS! Stacked spike rings, wing ring(hahaha), spikes connector ring and a lion ring.

I'm not an earrings person, but I couldn't resist buying these cute pair! Summer colors plus it's diamond! OHYEAH

As you can see, it's quite a lot. Oh believe me, this is already a lot for me. The total for all of these was supposed to be 342 pesos, but bc of the discounts, the total was only 252.90 pesos! That's almost 90 pesos off! Super steal is superrrrrrr. Happy!

Lesly <3