Wednesday, May 23, 2012

70's summer

Everyday I'm Haulin' feather earrings
Thrifted rainbow top
Bum-bee Jazz pants
Rayban Aviators

Hello there dear friends! I finally have an outfit post to share! Yayyyyy! I got bored last night and decided to  play dress up! :) Heehee. I coined this look as 70's summer because of my rainbow top, very hippie and very 70's and well, because of my bell bottomed Jazz pants! I got these pants by the way because I was once a scholar in a performing arts center here in Davao wherein I learned different dances like hiphop, tap, ballet and jazz but I had to stop because of my studies. You can't blame me though because I was a struggling freshman on college that time. Yeah, well, that's too bad for me. Anyways, this is just a quick post! Tell me what you think? :)

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Love, Lesly <3

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Look, it's Looklet!

When I was young, I would buy or force my mother to buy me sets of paper dolls. I would spend my little allowance to buy me some paper dolls. But things have changed over the years and thanks to technology, virtual dress up games were born.

Back when I was still a high school student, I made an account on Roiworld. Roiword is a website filled with dress up games. But before, the website was still in Korean and it was really hard to understand. But despite this, I was eager to play for the love of fashion. Hehehe. The thing about Roiworld though, is that it is animated: animated girls in animated designer and trendy clothes. But thanks to internet gods, Looklet was made! Looklet is the world's first ever virtual styling studio that let's us dress up a model in designer clothes and the hottest fashion trends that there is! It makes my fashion stylist dreams somehow come true! Check out some looks I've made :)

Try the website now and unleash the inner stylist in you!
Here's the link:

Love, Lesly <3

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lace and leather

No shoes on! Heehee

Thrifted gray top with lace details and pleather skirt

Hello everyone! My blog has been so silent for quite some time now. So sorry for that. This is just a quickie outfit post! I was alone at our room so I decided to dress up and take outfit shots instead. Sorry for a really simple and not so lookbook-worthy post. But I hope you're still reading my blog. For those who are, thank you so much! I appreciate every bit of it :)

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Lesly <3

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Wrap your leopard around me

Red top with leopard details
Bandage skirt
Atmosphere Leopard flats
DKNY watch

Hello guys! Finally, I have an outfit post to share to you! I finally got the chance to dress up again. Yipeeee! Sunday is my only free day this summer (thanks to a 6 days-a-week school days. Ugh. Talk about being stressed. Anyway, Sunday is my free day and usually, I just stay at home and wake up really, really late. But today was not a usual day. A close friend of mine, Janna, invited me to eat pizza and bond since she's gonna leave for London. I did not know that she was gonna leave today. I was shocked because time flew by so fast that I did not thought it was gonna be today. So, me and my friends decided to go to the airport with her. It was heartbreaking to see her go. Ugh </3

Aubrey, Arianne, Lanz, Me, Janna and John Lloyd (the boyfriend of Janna).
We will miss you Jan! See you as soon as! <3 Love you! xx

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Lesly <3

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

New Look Wishlist!

Hello guys! Since I'm lacking of outfit posts to share to you (thanks to summer school for making me dress so lazy and not-so-outfit-post worthy. Pft), I'm gonna share to you some of my picks from the New look website! I'm constantly given the chance to wear some of their clothes, thanks to my Aunt who's residing on United Kingdom, like for realzz, and it gives me the thought of having a wishlist from them just 'cause.. just 'cause. :D Okay, so here are some of my picks!

Floral Cut-out dress. Je' tadore! 
Knit Jumper for cold summer days. 
My first love was graphic tees, up until now they are still in my wardrobe :"> I particularly love this one because of  its asymmetry!

An LBD is a staple but to glam it up, I would like to have one mulleted!
I sol\ love the metallic sides of this leggings!
Chunky heels! And the gold details, I so love!

I've been wanting wedges like these! I am in love with them!!!!

I love the onbre-ish effect on the heels!

There's something about T-straps that makes me looooove these kinds of shoes <3

What do you think? Lovely right? :)

Lesly <3