Saturday, June 30, 2012


Basic violet shirt c/o Brixia
DIY Uneven tribal skirt by me
Asianvogue mustard T-strap wedges

Hello lovely readers! Thanks for reading my blog! I appreciate it because I know I have not been a responsible blogger lately. I blame school, but I blame my lazy-ass self too (boo me!) . I've been super busy with school and everything else in between that. I go to school now for 6 days, thanks to Saturday classes leaving me exhausted and just one day to rest. Zzzz. But anyways, onto my dress-up-only outfit!

Hello scars of mine! :-(

Presenting the skirt I have sewn myself! One summer night I was bored and tried to make a mullet skirt. Yes, a mullet skirt. I guess it didn't turn out the way I planned it to be. Hahaha. Embarrassing, I know. It took me the whole night to cook up this skirt, measuring the circumference and all that. I even made my own pattern for this, but obviously, it was not a nice pattern after all. Hahaha Silly me. Anyway, at least I tried and I feel accomplished sewing my first ever garment! Weeee.

The overused Asianvogue wedges that I bought with my 1000 peso GC that I won on Bea's Giveaway! I am fascinated with T-strapped shoes, unfortunately, this is the only one that I have :-( *ehem ehem* Hahaha.

Have a lovely weekend friends! xx

Love, Lesly <3

Friday, June 22, 2012

Coming home

Thrifted Top
Thrifted cut-out shorts
Asian Vogue wedges

Hello there! This is what I wore to our bonding time with our friend who recently came home from Australia! We surprise her in the hotel room that we would be staying in overnight. We had loads of fun gossiping, playing cards and just playing around!

I love how everything went well together. The Flowers, with the tanned shorts and the mustard wedges and of course my ombre hair! Ugh. Fact is, those shorts were originally black pants! I bleached it and cut it into shorts! Amazing right? I so love these wedges (the only pair I have)! I hope to have more soon! Haha.
(notice me overusing the exclamation points. hahahaha)

Hype it and Fan me on lookbook! Have a great weekend! :)

Love, Lesly <3

Friday, June 15, 2012

Tribal first day

Thrifted Tribal printed polo
Pink Cami with lace

Hello there! Quickie outfit post! Here's what I wore to my first day as a college junior! Woohoo! It doesn't get any better than that! Anyways, when I was thinking what I would wear on the first day, I was contemplating that I would wear something fashionable but not that showy. I think my Tribal polo made my outfit stand-out. A few people complimented my top! :"> Anyways, first day was very nice! I had the same classmates as before so it was not that hard to interact with people. Classes were still informal although one teacher scared the crap out of me! Oh dear Lord. Good luck to me!

How 'bout you guys, how was you're first day? :)

Love, Lesly <3

Saturday, June 09, 2012

THRILL FOR THRIFT: I-missed-thrifting edition!

Hey guys!!!! I'm very hyped while I am blogging this because I have not been actively blogging for the longest time, ever! Sorry for that! But hey, thanks for sticking around! I appreciate it so much!!

Anyways, let me share to you the stuff that I have thrifted today! I'm super excited because I have not gone thrifting in weeks and I've been dying to thrift since forever! Thank God I had the time today to do so! Yayyyyyy

Printed polos all for 15 pesos each!

Love the print on this! I might cut off the sleeves though, it's quite.. puffy(?) haha.

Tribal print! Love it!

I love the fit of this. Cardi/kimono top feel :)

Fifteen pesos each!
My fave! Floral oversized top :)

I was hesitant in buying this.. but I bought it anyways :)))

Summer's over so earth tones might be the best this season. Very ethereal, eh? 

Sheer floral top. Very ninang(godmother) but nonetheless, I love it :)

Another fave! Grey metallic top! LOVE!

Random tops for 10 pesos each!

Graphic print blouse. I need oversize clothes from now on!

Blush pink sheer top. I like this :)

Floral V-neck top :)

So that's it! I enjoyed my trip to this particular Ukay shopping center (chos) here in Davao! If I can go back there again, I will introduce and share to you the place! Lots and lots of Thrift finds there! All you have to do is to be patient, patient and patient! Scrambling through the piles of clothing is quite strenuous, yes I felt like I was doing some cardio exercises while I was trying to find stuff, but most of the time, after all the shiz that you've been through (dramatic?) it's worth the effort! Patience is really the key :)

Share me your thrift stories too! I'd like to exchange some stories with you guys! :)

Love, Lesly  <3