Sunday, July 15, 2012

I am lost in Hongkong

I am lost in Hongkong tee c/o Dad's
Thrifted leather shorts
15-peso pink socks
Thrifted black suede booties

Hi guys! Another post to share you guys, this time an outfit post! Yayyy!!! This is a very blant outfit, nothing special. Hihi. I was just really excited to share to you an outfit using the shoes that I have thrifted yesterday. Hihi. More pics down below :-)

Nganga much? hihi

The adorable shoes that I so love!

How was your weekend? Thanks for dropping by! hihi

Love, Lesly <3

Saturday, July 14, 2012

THRILL FOR THRIFT: Shoes galore edition!

Hello fash friends! I have got to share to you my finds last night! They are beyond amazing! As you can already tell, they are all shoes! I kind of have a shoelust although I can't really have them, I adore them soooo much!! So I am very, very happy to share to you these babies! Lookieeee!

Brown flats with leopard bow details!

Black Platform Pumps! (Kind of like the pair from Primadonna right?)

Girly wedges! Kind of dirty, but they're fine. They just need a little cleaning. mehehe.
And my favorite find of all,

These Alto Black Suede Booties!!!! They are to die for!! They totally look like they are JC's Litas. Very amazing find! <3

Have you ever heard of Alto? All I know is that these shoes are Made in Korea. Annyeonghasaeyo! Hihi
Anyway, what do you think? I'm not gonna indicate their prices but I'm just gonna tell you a hint that it did not exceed Php1000. Swear! See how you can find treasures on thrifting? Love.Lust.Thrift. Hahahaha gross tagline. Anyways, share me your thoughts!

Oh, by the way, I will try to show some hotspots (WiFi lang ang peg? Haha) here in Davao for the best  thrift shopping experience you can have! Hahaha.

Till the next post! ;-)
Love, Lesly <3

Friday, July 13, 2012

THRILL FOR THRIFT: Almost-broke-after edition!

What do you think? Yay? Nay? Hihi

Hello friends! This is another edition for my thrill for thrift journey! I am trying my bestest to post pictures of my new thrift finds every now and then so that I'll have something to share to you guys. This is a scheduled post so at this hour, I'm probably sitting in my Financial management class trying to study my ass off as preliminary exams are already next week! Whew. Wish me luck you guys!
 Anyways, here are the finds I got!

Colorblocking dress for 10 pesos!

Bright blue shorts for 10 pesos as well.

Graphic top for 10 pesos! (I so love this! <3)

Black top with a very interesting collar for 10 pesos as well ;-)

10 peso dress that I am thinking about DIYing for my next sewing project! hihi

Gold tube top 7.50 pesos (2 for 15 pesos bundle)

Scarf top, 7.50 pesos (2 for 15 pesos bundle)

And my overall favorite,

Leather skirt for 15 pesos!
Although I'm missing two buttons, that is okay because it fits me so well! Ugh. Love and adoration for this thrift find! <3 I will buy new buttons instead. hihi

I can't wait to share to you guys how I will wear these! Thanks for sticking in! :)

Love, Lesly <3

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hair sensibilities: Back to black!

Hi guys! Long time no chika! hihi. So just last weekend, I decide to go back to black, black hair that is!  I am so happy with the result because I think my skin looks lighter with it, but others say I look better with the brown/blonde hair though. But anyway, I'm just excited for this change! I love it so much! Here are some of the photos from my mobile.

Sorry for the wacky face! hahaha

Oh, and by the way, I'm out with the RIM, in with the Android! Hahaha. Tried to make it sound cool. mehh hihi I recently got an Alcatel Glory X 918N via Sun data plan! And so far, loving it!

Have fun you guys! See you on the next post! (I hope!hihi)

Love, Lesly <3