Monday, August 27, 2012

THRILL FOR THRIFT: Shoes (Again?!) Edition

Hello there!! Here's another post of my recent purchases, this time it's my love, thrifting! My favorite posts to do, so exciting :-)Hahaha anyway. I was urging my mom to buy me new rubber shoes to use for my NSTP class because we were required to use rubber shoes and so, she said yes. We checked out the mall to find one, but I could not dare to choose something because they were all very pricey!! If you know me well, you'll know that my mindset has changed in terms of my buying behavior. So the price range of 600 Php and above is not gonna happen for me (except for necessary things, like books and such). I'm gonna shut up now and show you the stuff I bought! :)

High cut Love/Hate Chuck Taylors! I love it, although it needs a little cleaning, or maybe its really dirty white, but either way, I love it!! Costs me (or Mama hihihi) 250 Php. Not bad, eh?

Creepers or Flatforms or whatever it is rightfully called!! It fits me perfectly, I love it so much and the best part, it was only 20 Php!!! Super, duper steal!

My ultimate love, the Neon Green Chucks!!! <3 I don't know if it's legit or what, but I don't care anymore! Are you kidding me, neon green chucks?! Need I say more?! Oh, I guess I should tell you the price, it's only 350 Php. Looks so new, noh? :-)

Beige or I-don't-know-what-color-are-they flatforms!! These are cute but is a bit disappointing, it's too big for me :-( So much for impulse buying, ugh. But that's alright, bought it for 20 Php only, so it's not that hurtful in the heart (and the pocket as well). Hehehe.

For Davao friends of mine: If you are wondering where I have bought these, it's this place in Magallanes, at the back of the Sangguniang Panglungsod building and beside Magallanes Elementary School. They open at night, at roughly 6:00 PM, tops. A sea of shoes will be on different racks, shoes ranging from as low as 20 Php to I-don't-know-how-much :-) Try searching for shoes there, you might get a great find!

What's your favorite in the bunch?? Tell me!! :) Hihi.

Love, Lesly<3

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nu (School) Shoesies!

Hello friends! I have a new post again! Last Friday, my Mom and I went to the mall to buy me a new pair of school shoes because, long story short, the day before that, my school shoes gave up on me! :-( I have to miss a class because I have to go home to change or I'll be walking like a zombie for the rest of the day! Whew. Embarrassing :-( So to turn my frown upside down, mom obliged my request for new shoes! Yeyyyy!

Suede ribbon flats from Rusty Lopez! :-) Actually, this was originally 600 Php but because of the 10% off, we saved 60 Php!Weeeeee.

Mom thought I'd need another pair for any fortuitous event that might occur. She knows me that much, the reckless and clumsy girl that I am. Hahaha!! :)

Suede Mary Janes from 35 centimetres! My personal favorite!!!! I think I have a fascination for anything suede! <3 I cannot say much, I love it!!!

Impulse buying, yeah, it happens. These caught my eyes because it was flats, for comfort and strappy, for the char (haha) and it was on the clearance sale rack, so yeah. It's gonna be used, I promise. hahahahaha :)) Anyway, this is from Shoes unlimited, so yeah. :-)

What do you think? Hahaha. ILoveYou :-)

  1. Love, Lesly <3

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sunflower power!

Thrifted green basic tee
Thrifted Sunflower pleated skirt
Black suede bootie wedges

Hello there, beautiful people. I got a new outfit post for you guys! Weeeeee!
Good ol' Davao recently celebrated Kadayawan, an annual celebration of life, a thanksgiving for the gifts of nature, the wealth of culture, the bounties of harvest and serenity of living.
(from Kadayawan festival, Wikipedia) 

If you cannot tell, I was inspired by the festivities, hence the vibrant colors of yellow and green. I didn't really celebrate the festival that much thanks to my relationship with the bed recently. I've been very lazy since the dancing days were over. I need to regain my energy! So, I'm simply participating in the festivities through this look. Hihi :-)

 I love this skirt so much, comfy and hits just right above the knee. OH! and look at me suede bootie wedges! Aren't they adorbz? AAAHHH! I'm gaga over them, so much love <3 Oh, by the way, have you also noticed my way of editing my photos? Is it too much?? I need your opinion.

I leave you then with a photo of me smiling! Weeee. Enjoy!
Happy Kadayawan, fellow Dabawenyos!

Love, Lesly <3

Ultra cozy

Thrifted Knit Jacket
Thrifted Zebra shorts

Can this get any more cozy? Hello there, friends! Sorry for the very, very long hiatus! I have been very, very busy with life and what-not and I didn't have anytime to blog about stuff and I am sorry about that. I will share to you soon what have I been getting busy on for the past weeks on a later post.

Thanks to the cuddle weather last night, I was inspired to do an outfit post about being cozy and relaxed. I have been really stressed and busy lately, that I rarely have any time to unwind and chill. 

I got this knit jacket a couple of months ago and I never had the chance to use it, so yeah, I'm using it now. Lol, uhm, anyway. Have you noticed my hair? I actually had red dip-dyed hair two weeks ago, but then I decided to bleach it again and it came of as a coral-ly color first but it seemed the color faded now *le sigh* but that's cool. I'm totally so random. Hihi

Self-timer photos by me :-)

 It's been a really long post, I guess that's how much I missed putting up a blog post. huhuhu Thanks for reading! Have fun, you guys! :)

Love, Lesly <3