Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tomliz haul: Golds & Silvers

Hello there readers! Sorry for my giddy/ Derpina-like face above. I'm too excited to share to you the things I bought form Tomliz. Yes, the not-so-secret accessories store where girls from Davao go gaga for accessories for affordable prices. Read more for the things I've purchased plus a "map" for those who don't know where Tomliz can be found.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ipanema Brings the Urban Jungle to Davao

 A festive display of bold prints and brave colors from the dancers with Patxi Elizalde, the owner and President of BAMBU Ventures, Inc., home of the famous Brazilian footwear brands Grendha, Rider and Ipanema.

Something exciting will happen this October 12, 2012, Friday at the Abreeza Mall Activity Center as Ipanema unleashes Davao's Fashion Animal! A showcase of Mystical Reverie will be brought here in Davao by this world-renowned Brazilian flip-flop brand for a night of true enchantment as they spread and bring its distinct jovial and fun spirit that will surely excite the fashionable people of Davao.

DGMNL Experience: Part 2

Hello there lovely readers!
As promised, here's part deux (fumi-french na ako. Haha!) of my DGMNL experience last weekend.

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

HipTee Shirt Designs by Me!

Okay, so I just made up that crazy title and I am sorry for my crazy randomosities. Hahahaha. So onto my post.

I have been wanting to design graphic tees for the longest time. I have experienced once before. I designed our Science Club Shirt way back when I was in high school (Wow, it feels like it was just last year but it's been almost three years already. I feel old. Huhu.) but due to my lack of resources, I was not able to pursue the business venture that I've been wanting to do :( So sad naman. But anyways, let me share to you some of the designs I have made.

So, what do you think? I have to put a watermark though to, you know. Hahaha. Feeling ko naman. Sorry. But yeah, seriously? How are they? I know it's very hipster-like and all. So if ever I make them as graphic tees, would you buy one? I would love to hear what your opinions are. Aaaand, still a part of my DGMNL experience, I designed the token we gave for David.
A black tank top with this print on:

We want him to never forget his experience with us and the hospitality of the Ateneans and all the Davaoenos as well. It was an honor meeting someone who has achieved a lot while they're still young. Truly inspiring and he's someone that everyone can look up to, hardworking and humble. Ugh. So dramatic of me. Anyway, can you comment down below on what you can say about these designs? Would it be rad to have it on an actual tshirt? Hehe :) Tell me!

Love lots, Lesly <3

Monday, October 08, 2012

The DGMNL Experience: Part 1

Hello guys! I'm super giddy to share to you guys one of the most memorable moments I could ever treasure in my life as a student, as a blogger and perhaps as a whole person!!!!! Promise. This is just part one of the long awaited post about the ultimate experience I had with the most down-to-earth blogger I have known, David Guison!!!! :)
Does my multiple use of exclamation points explain enough how excited I am? Haha. Forgive me!

First up, let me tell you a story of how it all started. We were a part of the Creative Committee, Me Brixia and Trishia. We bought the materials needed and we asked JD, our friend with a car to drop us off at Brixia's crib. Fortunately, Pucca told us that it'll be okay if we come with them. We were so excited to say yes, we just started to scream for joy! We waited for quite some time until he finally arrived. We were all anxious and nervous because we were such big fans of him and the feeling was very overwhelming. Cray cray. And so, we were on our way to Wild Safari Grill to have dinner. Here are some of the pictures.

James, JD, Me, Trishia, Joy, Brixia and THE David Guison.

Photos grabbed from JD Reyes! Thanks JD :)

You could just imagine how kilig I was at that moment. It was very surreal that I get to have dinner with one of the most famous fashion bloggers in the Philippines.

I will be forever grateful to James, our class president and Joy, the one who emailed David and spearheaded this event to happen. Thank you very much!!

This is a just a taste of our 3-day friendship with David! I will blog about the next and probably the last part of this experience soon so, watch out for it. The second part will be about the symposium and the after-party that took place right after the symposium. Exciting! Bye! :)

Love lots, Lesly <3

Sunday, October 07, 2012

20-peso creepers

Fancy Crochet beanie
Thrifted Black Cardigan
From GMall pants
Violet basic tee c/o Brixia
Thrifted creepers

Okay, so my title says it all. I've been wanting to use these creepers for a long time now and I haven't had the chance yet to do so. So, I finally had the chance to wear it!

I was honestly hesitant on wearing them because some people might not be amused with it. But I thought, what the heck. I don't want to care anymore although I got some stares (Wow. confident. Hahaha.) from random people. I didn't show any care at all. Hahaha.

Pardon me for my face. Hahahaha!

I kept everything basic since I wanted to showcase the creepers the most. Im really not sure if it looks good because of the colors and stuff, so I won't post it on lookbook. Harhar. So I guess that is it and I can't wait to share to you the experience I had this weekend with David Guison. So exciting!
A candid shot of me arranging the mini "set" of ours. Hahaha. We had fun!

Have fun friends, and oh, good luck to everyone whose taking their final exams including me! Can't wait for the term break! :)

Love lots, Lesly <3