Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Back down to Earth

Zara Basic black tee (thrifted!)
Brown belt (thrifted!)
Atmosphere Floral dress worn as skirt
SM Parisian Nude Flats

Hello there! Long time, no blog, aye? I've missed blogging so much since I've been idle for two months already. Now that's so long right? I hope I still have some readers out there *fingers crossed!*. 

Why back down to earth as the title of my blog post?  Well, obviously I've been out of the blogosphere to focus on my academics and my extra-curricular activites. No kidding! I have cases here and there, sleepless nights of thinking marketing strategies to apply to certain problems, and all that jazz. I love my course though, it's fun and exciting. 

This was actually my outfit before Valentine's day. I know, i know, wearing black seemed to scream "I'm single and bitter" but nope. I'm not bitter. My valentines was pretty much fine actually. Me and my friends went to a carnival that night and had loads of fun despite the long lines. Enough about that, onto my outfitey!

I wanted to look girly that day because the previous washdays were not so blogworthy for my blog because I was always wearing my sneakers for my own convenience since I had dance practice every night. I had no time to take outfit shots too since I have no free time at all. Anyways, this was the 'return of the comeback' look. Okay, cheesy peazy. So yup, I also used my abused nude flats since I could pair them with anything in the world! I love them to bits <3

I'll leave you guys the very chill song from Michelle Shaprow, Back down to Earth. (feeling DJ)

That is it guys. See you on my next post! ;-)
Love lots,
Lesly <3

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