Saturday, January 12, 2013

Full of Chains

Hello everyone! I'm so happy because I have an outfit post to share to all of you. I was very inactive lately so I apologize. I have loads of things in my hands right now including 3 different dance practices to attend to and my forever love, school works. New year meant newer and much, much more difficult case studies for us marketing students. It just gets harder and harder by the minute. Oh if I could just juggle everything at once. You all know I'm poor with my time management skills and I think I took too many commitments this year. Oh well, that's just me, whining. Sorry. Anyways, onto my outfit!

Orange pull n' bear top, chains printed leggings c/o my aunt's closet
SM Parisian nude flats

This was my ensemble for the first wash day this year 2013. So, as you all know now, majority of my outfit was my aunt's clothes. She left some of her clothes with us when she left the Philippines and considering I love the taste of my aunt's fashion sense, I borrowed some of her clothes. Thanks Auntie Jane! :)

I decided to base and work my whole outfit around with these most awesome leggings ever and so, considering the warm, gold tones of the chains, I opted for this orange top which I thought worked pretty well with the leggings. And to finish off my look, I chose to wear my nude flats from SM Parisian that I got on sale which you already saw from my previous blog post. I thought my red hair worked well with the outfit too! Touche. Hahaha. So now, I leave you with a photo of me smiling!

I have a big head and ginormous thighs.

What do you guys think? Let's chat! :)

Love lots,
Lesly :)