Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Stressed but well dressed.

Thrifted top & pants
SM Parisian flats

There are days when you feel so tired of dressing up. Because of cramming, late night paper works, chasing deadlines, and all that jazz, dressing up isn't really ideal, isn't it?  Well, for girls who has passion for fashion (not saying I'm one of 'em), even in times like these, you'd find dressing up as a way of channeling your stress. It's fun right? You get to look fabulous even when you're stressed, running around school looking like a lunatic but hey, maybe people would notice your outfit instead of your stressful aura. It's like a "concealer" for stressful days.

For days like these, you can never go wrong with oversized tees. I love square tops because it's somewhat flattering and at the same time it covers your flabby flabs. I kind of invent words, pardon me. Pair it with skinny jeans and flats then voila! You can now run along the corridors of school in times chasing the most unbelievable deadlines for your papers. Good luck to us for our finals! AMDG!

Love lots,
Lesly xx